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We can state that 2d animation is a kind of cinematic digital pictures which are put into the 2-dimensional context. In short, this is the transition of classical painting art to the digital format. You may see the motion pictures everywhere on TV, in cinemas, at websites, and even at the billboards in the streets. Usual cartoons, 2D games, advertising cinematic b-rolls are the examples of such artworks.

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The early cartoons and animated pictures took more time and efforts for their creation. For instance, if you lived in the 1950s, to make a cinematic video would be much more expensive and harder to accomplish. Just imagine how many illustrators you would need, how many draws would be sufficient for a one-minute footage?

Allow us to introduce you Genius Impex’s creative team of animators, illustrators, motion graphic experts and digital designers. Due to their innovative approach and expert knowledge, you can enjoy the magnificent realistic movements of the characters and objects.

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Our team of animators and illustrators works with the latest graphic tools and cutting edge technologies in order to create the original, eye-catching visual world. Genius Impex is accustomed to traditional graphical techniques and innovative, deliberative approaches. In this 2D Animation and Motion graphics services you can order these three things listed below:

2D Animation

We begin by understanding the initial script and concept and gradually detail out the basic sketch of sequence and elements.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is basically animation in this the objects move and creates an awesome effects for the audience to learn about the thing easily.

Gifs Creation

Gifs are very interesting and perfectly looped animations. Which plays automatically and attracts its viewers. Best for all the businesses.

Our Clients

We have helped many clients and businesses to grow their social media channels with our engaging and unique animation & gifs. Our customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority.

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